Spring Fever

21 Mar

is not a myth.  I’m suffering from a bad case of it for the last two weeks, and there is still no sign of a thaw.  Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring in Canada, and I’m afraid that the gods are mocking us.  This is our sixth (SIXTH!) month of winter, and while the kids are still enjoying the skating, sledding etc., I woke up one morning last week to freshly-falling snow, and became instantly homicidal.  “SNOW? More f%^$ing snow? WHAT?!”  Insult was piling on injury as the previous day had been an almost tropical -8, with signs of the snow starting to melt.


Yesterday brought news of another ice and snow storm, or “clipper”, with warnings of “blowing snow”.  I headed off to 8th Street at 1.30pm, and realised that “blowing snow” isn’t a great idea when you’re driving along.  The snow was being swept off trees, roofs, and the ever-present mounds of snow that are everywhere, and hurled horizontally across the roads.  The snow is really dry, so it sort of sweeps along, over the car, and on again.  It’s like being blasted with glitter in some places, as the ice cascades through the air.  A lot of Saskatchewan highways were closed, and there were lots of alerts issued for the Prairies.  People keep reassuring us that this is a particularly harsh winter, with more snow than usual, so we have to hope for something less severe next time.

Winter in the City of Saskatoon, Canada

However, it dawned on me last week that next winter isn’t even next year.  It’s only about another 6 – 7 months away.  I’m starting to understand why retired couples in Saskatoon head to Arizona every winter in their droves.  How much snow-shovelling can one person do in a lifetime without suffering long-term psychological damage?  Our car park was cleared on Monday by some very large machinery and trucks, and Rebecca’s first sentence when leaving the house the next morning was “Mom, I can see the ground!”.  I just want to see green grass.  Lots of it.  Unfortunately, we have to go through The Melt first, which is causing anxiety among Saskatonians due to the unusual volume of snow.  A slow thaw is hoped for in order to avoid catastrophes like flooded basements etc.  I’m assuming that we’ll be wading through a gigantic mud bath for a couple of weeks.

The forecast is offering some glimpse of hope at the moment, with promises of temperatures rising to as much as 9 degrees by the end of next week, but I’m too afraid to hope for anything that might indicate an end to the cold and glaring whiteness of everything.  I’m suffering from nervous twitches and bouts of Tourette’s Syndrome at the sight of every snowfall, and I’m sick of the sight of snow boots all over the house.  Enough of the white shit.  Bring on the warmth of the sun.  I’m tired of watching these at work.


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