On the Ice Part Deux

21 Nov

The video in the last post didn’t work for some reason, and I’m too technologically challenged to rectify the situation.  Here it is again:

This is Nicholas’ first foray onto the rink – he entered through the gate on the right, fell over immediately and did a great impression of a floundering penguin:

The girls started out fairly tentatively, but Isabel was really getting the hang of it by the end, and Rebecca displayed her stubborn, independent streak and refused all assistance after the first ten minutes of  being shepherded around by Michael:

We had a light dusting of snow last night, with more to come over the next couple of days.  Temperatures are to plummet from tomorrow, and I think we’ll be encountering what life in the minus thirties will be like.  The kids are off school tomorrow and Friday, so we’ll sleep in (hopefully!), ice-skate and watch a movie or two.  We have Parent-Teacher meetings this evening.  They’re called Three-Way Conferences here, as child, parents and teacher all meet together, so it should be an interesting night.  Benjamin is supposed to be a reformed character since the last phone call home, so we shall see tonight.  They’re finally getting haircuts after school, in a house across the road, so they’ll look suitably thuggish by 6pm.  Nicholas looks like a sheep at the moment.  Christopher wants a “cool” haircut, so I’m not sure what he’ll end up like.  I suspect it’s something along One Direction lines that he has in mind.  I’m seeing glimpses of the teenage years ahead…..

One Response to “On the Ice Part Deux”

  1. kathy November 21, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    you know…..there’s no shame in bringing a chair from the kitchen set or a stool, (padded preferably…then the tired little ones, have somewhere to rest) with you for the younger kids to get the hang of standing up on ice. Most indoor arena’s have these weird metal braces for beginner skaters. But the “hockey stick” is generally the thing to use. I think boys just get the hang of it faster cause they use that hockey stick as a third leg on the ice. I hope someone mentioned to you that the skate blades need to be sharpened and outdoor skating usually gets them dull faster.
    Brrrr, thank god I don’t have to do that anymore…standing around outside….freezing
    I remember we lived close to a lake around a shopping centre in edmonton that was huge when the kids were little and there was a skating ring around the perimeter of the lake and several different hockey games being played in the center of the lake. But someone had the good sense to have several drums of fires going on around for warming up. don’t miss those days, that’s for sure

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