“Winter is rolling into the Prairies”

14 Nov

read the headline for last Friday on the Weather Network.  And so it started to snow steadily, and kept falling until the headline on Saturday morning read “Winter has settled into the Prairies”.  And just like that, it was here.  Temperatures plummeted to the minus twenties with the wind chill, and the snow ploughs were out eating up the roads in force.  The snow is powdery and beautiful, and the dark-green trees are all capped and glistening.  Ploughs have cleared roads and car parks, shoving mountains of snow aside.  The children are kitted out to the gills and trudge through the snow across the park every morning like little Michelin men.  


We drove in the falling snow to the grocery store on Saturday, and the kids spent the journey with their faces stuck to the windows, looking at all the cars that had spun off onto the central reservation, some of them ending up in snowdrifts, and some of them encountering obstacles on the way.  Cars were stuck at intersections with the wheels spinning uselessly, and every time we had to stop, there was always the possibility of sliding on through.  


We did the shopping and I twisted my back halfway through, so the rest of the weekend was a wash out.  Michael hauled me to the doctor on Sunday morning while Jay kindly minded the kids (or they minded him…..), and we had an extremely polite encounter with a Canadian man at the surgery door while we were waiting for it to open.  I was standing bent over like an oul wan, holding on to Michael’s arm, in blazing sunshine and -27 degrees; we were discussing the weather etc., while the poor guy was trying to act like he wasn’t talking to the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  The doctor sent me away with tranquillisers  steroids and crutches, and I spent the long weekend on the couch, issuing instructions.  We missed out on an afternoon’s ice-skating, which was really disappointing, but I’m fairly confident that we’ll have at least another four months to experience that…..

The cold is breathtaking.  It’s different to home, not damp or chilly as such, just crisp and dry.  We need balaclavas – June and Eddie modelled theirs at the weekend, and they’re very fetching.  It’ll save the bright pink skin when the kids come in from outside.  Every time they walk into the house now, they have to go directly to the basement (without collecting $200), strip off the snow jackets, pants, gloves, scarves, mittens and boots, and dump everything except the boots into the dryer.  Take it all out the next morning and start again from the top.  Even the sides of the river have frozen.


We’ve also discovered Skid-oos which are really cool – Jay blagged his way onto one on Sunday:



We also discovered the joys of snow-diving, as shown admirably by Stephen in his back-yard – 







Warning: Don’t try this at home.


3 Responses to ““Winter is rolling into the Prairies””

  1. Angela Furlong November 15, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Brilliant! Always wanted to snow dive!

  2. AnneMarieFitz November 15, 2012 at 10:43 am #

    Brilliant. Not that I want to have snow here. But it looks great

  3. emily November 18, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    Swap ya anytime. All we have is extreme frost and then rain , more rain and yet more rain….. Oh joy!!

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