Sunday sledding

6 Nov

Sunday started out as a lazy day, with the only thing on the calendar a First Reconciliation meeting for Benjamin in the church at 12.15pm.  We drove up in the snow and I gingerly made my way across the car park to the doors of the church.  Benjamin declared that it was “just too embarrassing for words” when I tried to hold onto his arm, so I was abandoned to fend for myself.  We got home to find that the rest of the Irish contingent were heading to the river to take photos etc., so we waffled and eventually decided to head to the library instead.  Just as I was about to start rounding up the kids, the phone rang.  It was June, to say that they were at the big hill at Circle Drive with a sled and about 50 kids.  “We need your kids!” she said, “otherwise we just look like saddos”.  We clambered into all the snow gear – it takes so LONG – and headed over to meet them.


Eddie had incurred the first injury of the day, when he went over a small ramp and bit right into his tongue, which eventually stopped bleeding, but was black and blue.  Jay, James and Kelly hadn’t bothered with their winter coats, so they were cold, with wet bottoms.


The kids shot down the hill and trudged back up again, over and over. Jay headed down with Rebecca on his lap, fell off halfway, and skidded the rest of the way on his ass, holding her above his head.  I was glad to see that he sacrificed his jeans in favour of my child….

They decided to build a snowman, and managed to produce the most mutant-looking yoke I’ve ever seen.  They wanted it to have a moustache in honour of Movember, which they’re all doing at the job.  Eddie is looking more like a 70’s porn star by the day. This is the work-in-progress:


And this is the end result, with Jay on the left and James on the right, looking suitably proud of their creation:


The sleds are $8 each in one of the local shops, so we’ll be buying some for the kids and waiting for the next snowfall, which probably isn’t far away….

3 Responses to “Sunday sledding”

  1. Angela Furlong November 7, 2012 at 2:47 am #

    Looks so cold!!!!!!! Great snowman tho.

  2. kathy November 14, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    love your posts…I feel your pain…I had three kids under 5….way back when….and I really hated the whole winter get-up every-time-they-left-the-house. And then trying to get them into car seats and belt buckles when they had all that stupid-ass padding on. There were days…..when they wore socks (a couple at a time) instead of gloves and mitts, because I just couldn’t be bothered to look for dry ones after the back and forth of in-and-out of the house. someone should invent some sort of spray-on hand protection.

    • cibnr November 14, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

      Lol! I know, the shock of the first few days of dressing, undressing, drying and re-dressing was immense! We have a better handle on it now – “Go STRAIGHT to the basement and undress, then put ALL your wet clothes into the dryer” – is starting to work. I’m exhausted by the time they all manage to get out the door for school. Spray-on protection sounds like a good plan.

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