Countdown to take-off….

8 Aug

This time tomorrow we will be in the air (shudder), with our endlessly repacked cases and our new lives ahead of us.  It all seems very surreal at the moment, but I’ve no doubt that take-off will cure that feeling, and once the long and tiring journey is over, our hotel beds await.  On then to our new house on Friday, with so much to see and do over the weekend.  Once we get broadband installed, all details of the adventure so far will be posted.  

My wonderful sister-in-law Emily gave me some sage advice today.  She told me not to look backwards or forwards, but to take each hour and day as they come.  I’ll try to do that during the rollercoaster period ahead.  Partly because I’d be afraid she’d come after me if I don’t, and she’s one Scary Lady when she wants to be….

Ok, onwards and upwards – I’ll leave you with this to chew over….

This is your Life. Do what you love.....

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